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Depression Jayne Campell
Crafts & Minds Jayne Campell
Bipolar & Moods Jayne Campell
Afro Cuban Rhythms Benjamin Franks
Giving up fags Benjamin Franks
Grow Your Own (Flowers) Ichi-finga
Smile and Flow Ichi-finga
Learning To Fly Ichi-finga
Opinions Ichi-finga
Use Your Voice Ichi-finga
Mental Health Ichi-finga
Scampertron (An ode to surrealism) Benjamin Franks
Now that I am Normal Laura Holman
Who Am I Giles Richardson.
Dream just a little Bill Labewse
The Dark Months Dave Eades
Christmas Acrostic Members of Apple Tree Stores
My Own Beat! Colleen Mulroney
Keep You Chin Up Colleen Mulroney
Judging Colleen Mulroney
Don't Give Up Colleen Mulroney
Afraid Of Happiness Colleen Mulroney
A Scary Thing Colleen Mulroney
The Gift of Friendship Cara Shelbey
War Colin 'Oz' Garvey
The Night Ray Purchase
House Of A Thousand Ghosts Darren David Weaver
Walking through the Valley Joseph Kerr
Valley of Hope Joseph Kerr
Connor's Lulluby Joseph Kerr
It Seems For Ever And A Day Joseph Kerr
Sleep Tight Joseph Kerr
Those Days Simon L. Read
Fun Run Sarah M Davies
Happy Exercise Sarah M Davies
Cities of the future Joseph Kerr
Do You See Me? Sarah M Davies
Encouragement For My Friends Colleen Mulroney
The Frozen Sky Ben Gray
Ben Gray
Colleen Mulroney
Nervous Paranoia Colleen Mulroney
Colleen Mulroney
Apartheid Ken Williams
Ceejay Foster
Inside Of Her Colleen Mulroney
I Try So Hard Colleen Mulroney
It's Really a Knifes Edge Ken Williams
Kate Le Page
Jan Griffiths
Summer Time Jan Griffiths
Spring Time Jan Griffiths
A Calling from the Darkness Mike Olson
Reality Mike Olson
The Tissue Mike Olson
Holy Light Mike Olson
Knew You Pat Thomas
Knocking on Heavens Door Mike Olson
Holiday of Old Mike Olson
A Festive Message Mike Olson
Twisted Defiance of the Cycle Mike Olson
My Snowflake
Mike Olson
My Friend Stuart at St. Tyds
I Work in the Cotton Mill Unknown
Because I Care Unknown
The Crumpsall Workhouse Unknown
New Horizons Wendy 08
My Grandad Unknown
Label Wendy Morris
Are you Different From Me? Brian Mitchell
Living Insane! D. Wolf
Homewrecker! D. Wolf
Rally To My Banner D. Wolf
Why Are We Here? D. Wolf
Secret Smile D. Wolf
The Battle Goes On! D. Wolf
Omaha D. Wolf
Hoax! D. Wolf
Routes to Recovery
Julian Evans
Reaping the Harvest
Michael Olson
Michael Olson
Michael Olson
Falling Leaves
Gareth 08
Autumn Poems
Mike Olson, Andrea 08
A Day with New Horizons
Ioan Bevan, Kay Jones, Mike Olson
Reach Out
Daun Miles
The Gift Daun Miles


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