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In partnership with DapperFM - New Horizons DJ Charles Loft hosts a weekly show all about Mental Health

Each week we will be showcasing Charles' Choice from his show on DapperFM, we will also be posting a link to recordings of his live shows.

Check back weekly to see his new choice.

Charles Choice this week

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  1. Resolving Conflict

  2. Stress Proof Our Lives

  3. Stress



  1. True Inner Peace & Calm >>

  2. Today we stress  proof our lives (Word Doc)>>

  3. Measure of Control >>

  4. Beating the Blues >>

  5. Difficult People -Part 1>>

Dapper Fm Interview With Charles Loft

Interview with Charles about Volunteering With Dapper Fm Radio Station

Jason- Hi Charles Please can you tell me how you got involved with Dapper Fm

Charles-  I was asked by a staff Member in New Horizons if I  Would be Interested in presenting a show for New Horizons  about there day centre which  include different courses building up self confidence and self esteem  support groups that meet every week  encouraging each other  The Internet Cafe , Gardening Group and various other things. We also are trying to reduce stigma

Jason- Have you worked in a studio before and was full training given

Charles- I Have not done anything like this before yes full training was given I found the staff very helpful. When showing me how to use the mixing desk system setup I have always been very interested in computers and enjoyed using them for many years.

Jason -What Types of things do you talk about on air with Dapper Fm

Charles- An important thing is removing the stigma associated with mental issues.   All aspects of work and courses and volunteering options available through New Horizons.  And Activities and information resources available too New Horizon Members.  Also what is going on in the local Community?  Dealing with work, family, relationships, health, and Money Difficulties, coping with stress and emotional problems and people who are difficult towards us. I also enjoy Introducing songs taking dedications and requests and developing people skills.

Jason- How long have you been Working as a Volunteer with Dapper FM and what day and time does the show air

Charles- I have been working as a volunteer for 6 months with Dapper FM Which Is Based in Penywaun in the Cana Centre. My Show is every Wednesday 12 till 2.00pm.

Jason- What Positive Effect Has Dapper Fm Had On You

Charles – I feel I am Making a good and useful contribution by helping with emotional and mental health issues and also trying to reduce stigma and also promoting New Horizons Out Reach  Centres  Doing Community work has lifted up my self esteem and confidence and provides an out for expression.  I also enjoy listening and playing music some of which I choose myself

Jason- How can someone listen to Dapper FM

Charles- Visit www.dapperfm.co.uk and click to listen. Presently Fund raising is to try for on air R m Licence

Jason - What is you Out Look for the Future with Dapper Fm

Charles- I want to try to continue to develop my skills show support to the community and help people


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