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Family members and friends who care for people with mental health problems are of vital importance. However, the emotional demand of caring can be intense and sometimes carers themselves need advice, support and information. This section provides some ideas about what is available.

When a mental health problem is diagnosed, carers may feel anxious and confused about what this will mean for the person they care for and how it will affect them as carers. They may also feel isolated because of the prejudice and stigma that still exists about mental illness. Clear information for carers is therefore vital and any of the workers who provide care and treatment for people with mental health problems should be able to answer carers’ questions and talk through any anxieties. Although (apart from exceptional circumstances) a mental health worker will not be able to breach the confidential relationship that exists between them and the person with mental health problems, they will provide whatever advice and information that they can.

Adult Carers Support and Advice - RCT (Comprehensive information on services etc within the Rhondda Cynon Taff area available on this weblink)

Rhondda Cynon Taf Carers Support Project (Providing information and support to Carers)


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